PaQRing Informationalizes Your Mystery Boxes

Find things you have packed away

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Create labels and records for each container while you pack.

Show what is in a container by scanning the QR code label

Search to find which container contains an item.

"My dolls don't know where they are but I do."
- dollamation
"What I needed to support my shipping workflow and match inventory documentation for insurance."
- my.b2b.smb
"I use this to organize my notes. If I had to open every folder each time I wanted a document, I never would. PaQRing makes them easier to find."
- the_filer

Usage Tiers

Refills also available.

Basic Full kit Jumbo Custom SaaS
# Users 1 2 10+ ask
# Locations 2 4 20+ ask
# Boxes 10 50 100+ ask

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